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About Us

 The Good Fight Dojo is dedicated to offering it's students the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training available in Southern Mississippi. Professor Jeremy and GFD coaches give individual and group instruction. Good Fight Dojo has 2 locations; Wiggins and Columbia, MS.


Our name; "Good Fight" comes from 2Timothy 4:7

Personal Note: I have been consistently drawn to doing good for others through Jiu Jitsu. For myself I believe that its something the Lord has for me to do.
"Fight the good fight set before you; be the light in a dark world"

For more information "CONTACT US" or go to our Facebook page.

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Jeremy Bond



Brazilian Jiu Jtsu

 Black Belt 



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 Here's what our students and parents say about Good Fight Dojo.

Aimee - 

I'm so happy that my daughter and I chose to join good fight dojo💖

Family feel, great environment, great classes, knowledgeable coaches. Great to just get in shape or learn self defense. Also, will get you ready for competition if interested in that side. I made new friends.

 Great coaches and awesome atmosphere

Jade -

Can not stress enough how much we love and recommend this place. Great coaches!

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